My Suggestions

Hi all
English is not my first language, bu i will try to explain my ideas. Sorry if sth is bad.

My suggestions are:
- I would say that Aether could be without thousands... is annoying to deal with big numers and i think its not necessary at all.
- The performance is very always with low fps and this complicates the battles and the summons. Because of this, sometimes, instead of select a card, i open the big view of it, so its so annoying sometimes. I would deactivate the big view of your cards in battle.
- When you write in a text box like guild or sth like this, you only see one line instead of all the text, so big part of your text is hidden.
- You could put offers or packs to motivate us to buy with money. Now im playing and i think i can play without buy nothing.
- Maybe save battledeck, like 2 or 3 unlocked with lvl or god level or sth.

Thats all for now. Ty for read me



  • K2_SA_CK2_SA_C Member, Administrator, Moderator
    That's great feedback, Somnium. I'll pass it along to the team!
  • Suggestions :smile:

    First of all RELEASE worldwide,

    Make the graphics more beautiful,

    Allow us to deploy our units anywhere on the battlefield,

    Increase the amount of loot stolen in multiplayer mode plus increase it more when we will be winning in streak,

    Dryhad card power is worst she can't heal other units up to the mark,

    5 food should be the only cost for both multiplayer and campaign cmmon guy's we lose battle too that's why 5 food per battle is enough ,

    Time for some event's we are really getting bored now ,

    Event's for both CLANS and individuals event's,

    Traps card are needed to kill enemies .

    Thank you very much for reading DEV.

  • K2_SA_CK2_SA_C Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Thanks Th3legend!

    Did you know, if you're playing Hades, you can deploy undead units anywhere on the battlefield? 

    I'll pass this all along to the team!
  • K2_SA_C said:
    Thanks Th3legend!

    Did you know, if you're playing Hades, you can deploy undead units anywhere on the battlefield? 

    I'll pass this all along to the team!
    I tried but whenever I switch my God to Hades there is a sync SERVER error EVERYTIME.
  • Here are a list of issues that I have had with Anvil and some suggestions for how to fix them:

    1. PvP: Sometimes you know right away if you are fighting a loosing battle based on the opponents set up and level of units. So far there is no way around this but to fight.

    Suggestion: Have an option to search for another opponent, but with the cost of 2 or 3 victory points to avoid exploitation.

    2. I am currently "stuck" with my resources being full because I have no cards to upgrade or buy unless I spend more money.

    Suggestion: Provide small packs that can be purchased with gold or lumber.

    3. Increase the benefits/rewards of being in a guild. So far, just guild chat seems to be the feature. Sharing a top card and gifts can be shared via friends list as well.

    Suggestion: Have a guild weekly/daily chest with the rewards increased based on guild activity and/or performance.

  • Is this forum still active? I would love to assist the developers with this game. It's going in the right direction of a great city builder and not something boring like Clash

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