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I sincerely hope that this forum is still being monitored. While I understand the need to modify, update, or make changes to the game, this recent update is problematic. Let me start with PvP first. With the recent change to having only to take out the temple, it is now possible to gain a win with Zeus by just spamming meteor shower and Zeus' god power and destroying only the temple, and the attacker gets a win. While the change to destroy the temple is a fantastic idea, Meteor shower is not the problem. You need it to win. The issue is low temple hit points.

Secondly, the replay system recenters constantly on the temple. It makes it difficult to view replays, which are necessary to know what changes are needed to be made to get a successful defense. Sharing replays should also be an option again at the end of battle so that you can get feedback from guildmates for changes.

Third, I love the end of battle graphic, however the thank a player option for using their hero either automatically sends a thank you or sometimes you have to tap it to send a thank you. It should be one or the other for consistency.

The battle chests you earn for winning a battle are a great idea too, however; I think that the requirement to come back every 2 hours or 7 hours is actually a turn off. Honestly, I don't want to have to come back every 2 hours to unlock a chest to gain more cards. I don't have the time to do it. The most succesful games in the industry allow the player to be able to log in and play as they want. The gem requirement to unlock faster is a good idea though, but I think the cost is a little to much for the quick unlock even for the most hardcore player.

Aether is just about useless at this point. There are too few cards available to purchase with Aether. It would be nice to have more options to use Aether on (card packs or more individual cards would be nice).

The new quests are refreshing. It gives us as players something to strive for once the PvE content  has been completed. Constant PvP does eventually get boring.

Lastly, I want to thank the devs for working to make the game better. I know that it's not easy to develop a game and appease everyone. The recent changes that have been made still has bugs, but I still enjoy playing Anvil. If I get a response from a mod or dev, I will continue to post feedback or if I think of anything else that comes to mind. 

Players please post feedback or what you think in this thread. Thank you.


  • K2_SA_CK2_SA_C Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Hey Malphius, 

    Thanks for this. We do read all the feedback we get, so definitely keep posting! Sometimes we don't necessarily know what the pain points are for players, so it's valuable to get your opinions. 

    I'm passing this along to the rest of the team!
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