Release Updates - September 7, 2017

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 Here's what we changed in the new client update!

Hey there! Thanks for playing Anvil: War of Heroes! 
We released a client update today, so be sure to go download it from the store. Here's a brief rundown of what's new!

Improved Interface:

  • New segmented Health bars on Buildings and Units
  • New casting bars on Buildings and Units
  • A lot of general polish

Improved the social feed:

  • Various Feed item types now have unique colors and icons

Changes to collection and fusion flow:

  • A large overhaul of the interface for Leveling, Promoting and Evolving your cards.
  • This all happens in a pop-up window now.

Purchase Cards with Aether:

  • You can now purchase duplicates for any card you already own in the detail screen – press the Buy button.
  • You can also purchase cards you do not own – for a significantly higher price than the cost of duplicates.
  • Once you buy the first one, all subsequent cards will be at a normal duplicate card price.
  • You cannot purchase every card you do not own. Some cards can only be found the first time in Card Packs or through other in-game means.

Tutorial updates:

  • Additional lessons
  • You cannot not replay the Tutorial, sorry… ☹

We fixed a lot of small things and made some minor changes:

  • General bug fixes – some you would not even notice, unless you noticed.
  • Weird random text is fixed (mostly, we think).
  • Odd text alignment is fixed (again, we think we got them all).
  • Quest pop ups should now be more informative as to what you just to progress or complete the quest.
  • Corrections to animations and unit pathing.
  • Promethean Bombardiers got tired of explaining the whole “Prometheus” thing and now prefer to just be called “Bombardiers”.
  • A ‘pip’ on the Battle Log after you have been attacked.
  • Adjustments to PVP matchmaking at the lower levels to match you with more appropriate Cities.
  • More things now have tap tips.

Game Balance:

  • A lot of tuning to Card values
  • Additional Skills added to Cards
  • Healing is now more balanced
  • Northern Hunters now have the Anti-Freeze passive in its final Evolution. (This means they cannot be frozen!)
  • Zeus’ “Lightning Defense” passive now triggers more often. Boom!

Some Technical Fixes:

  • Android Only: Resource Collection notifications now work.
  • Fixed the game crashing on awake for some users.

As always, be sure to leave your feedback here in the forums or using the ‘Feedback’ button on the Community panel in the game! We like reading your comments!


Play on, Demigod!

 -K2D2, Arbiter of Chaos

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