Ranking System

There needs to be a ranking system in game. When attacking players there should be a damage percentage to let you know how much of the base is destroyed. You should get 1 star for 50% base destruction and 1 star when you destroy their temple and final star when full base is destroyed.

The amount of stars then could be given a set amount of points called battle points after each win. Such as maybe 50 pts if you only get 1 star, 300 pts for 2 stars, and then 3 stars you win 500 battle points.

You would also have to set battle points lost for each defeat you have defending base. Then you could hold like a weekly Olympic tournament for prizes for highest rank battle point players at the end of every week.


  • I really loved the game before till I reached rank 18 and uninstalled it because bot PLAYER'S these guys have created , if u guy's make a fast. Update for removing the error then I'll reinstall ,
    Also what Happened that I was at level 24 and I was getting player to attack of the low level but the fact was they were having more space than me why ???? I mean the land space ,,,,so many towers and all and I had 5 stars troops which can't even finish them as the power and health are too low for MINOTAUR'S and disciple of ZEUS if u guy's really love your PLAYER'S you should make necessary changes to the game so that it's fair play and.not in the support of those who only pay .

    Reply to me asap so that I can install the game back.
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