Release Updates - December 6, 2017

K2_SA_CK2_SA_C Member, Administrator, Moderator
Heya Demigods,

We let Alyx send one of the update messages in game today while we sent one about card fusion. Both are contained here for your convenience.

New with this version:
-   First, we updated Card Fusion. Cards now have 12 stars to upgrade, but rarity doesn't change. Much more streamlined!
-   It is now easier to tell the level of a card with new Card frames and visual upgrade progression.
-   Battles should be smoother with various performance improvements.
-   Several units received balance tweaks.
-   Several UI and Gameplay bug fixes. 

We are still reading your feedback, so keep sending it in! 

Go forth, and conquer Olympus!

Arbiter of Chaos
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